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Friday, 9 November 2012

Aimless Waves

I see with glee
The great sea roar
Like me – aimless.

Written for FormForAll - Than Bauk at dVersePoets hosted by Raivenne.

"The Than-Bauk is a three line “climbing rhyme” poem of Burmese origin. Conventionally a witty saying or epigram, it’s even shorter than a haiku, but a lot more structured. Each Than-Bauk is three lines of four syllables each with the rhyme on the fourth, third and second syllables of each line respectively.
O. O. O. a.
O. O. 
a. O.
a. O. O. "

Friday, 5 October 2012

Vanishing Words

 I always wonder where do these words come from, where do they rise and where do they set?  Sometimes shining like the bright full moon. Sometimes like the shimmering crescent. Yet many a times like the moonless empty sky, deserting poets and writers as the rains do to the parched earth.

Words, where have thee gone ?
Leaving thy writer forlorn

These are the moments I am lost in wishful thinking, longing and awaiting the resurgence of words. Like an explorer lost in search of his own hidden treasure.
These are the moments raining with anxiety, emptiness and silence. Thoughts begin to scream at full volume but the pen seems to have lost all its ink and I do nothing but hopefully blink, trying to verse-fully think.

No rhythm , no rhyme
I loathe that terrible time
More so often then not
I am entangled in this knot

Friday, 1 June 2012

In Case I Do Not Return

Just in case
I do not return
From the long and winding road
I wish
No one has any concern
For I have been here
too long
I was mashed by travel's load
Just in case
I do not return

I might not have been
too strong
And became prey
to a hungry toad
I wish
No one has any concern
If I got caged
in a celestial song
For a large debt
I long owed
Just in case
I do not return

I may have just flew along
With the strong breeze that blowed
I wish
No one has any concern
If I wandered
to where I belong
When my soul's vehicle is towed
Just in case
I do not return
I wish
No one has any concern

Prompted by On Free Verse, Picasso, and Yachting at dVerse Poets Pub hosted by Samuel Peralta (which asks us to hide a structured poem in free verse. I chose to experiment with my first villanelle)
and also Carry On Tuesday #157 - The long and winding road ( the title and first line of one of The Beatles most memorable song)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Life ~ The Greatest Code Ever Written

He had no knowledge
Of high level languages 
Like C , C++, Java or Python 
Nor did he know
The low level languages 
Of Machine codes and Assembly 
For they did not exist when he began
Yet he wrote the greatest program ever

He had no requirements to be gathered 
Nor he had to list down his specification
As there was no one else around 
Maybe his solitude was his motivation 
He planned his architecture with finesse
And designed it with precise perfection   
He had no process models to follow
With a big bang he began implementation.

The first module he made was Time
He wrote it to be a daemon 
Ceaselessly executing in background 
Creating the plethora of perceptions
Of past , present and future 
Listening to the tireless tunes of time 
He created numerous particles 
which indulged in an eternal cosmic dance.

As 'Time' proceeded he progressed 
He had no release dates to worry about 
So he functioned with his divine comforts
Making sure he produces a masterpiece
The particles he made learned to innovate
To work with each other and collaborate
Expanding in size, complexity and beauty
Deploying what we now know as the Universe.

An aesthetic user experience was created
Of drifting galaxies sequined with twinkling stars
To hold these large modules together
He created a gluing driver called Gravity
Thanks to gravity smaller modules called Planets
Attached themselves to the twinkling stars
Each star executing an almost infinite loop
Of  fusing variable matter into constant energy.

Employing a randomization technique
To choose one of the billion stars
To test his new module, code-named  'Life'
Initializing the recipe for the primordial soup
In the boisterous boiling broth blossomed
An inflorescence of magical polymers
On this chain of special molecules
He checked-in the pivotal part of his code.

In the quaternary quartet of A,T,G,C
He compiled the first version of code
Executing this program with a single click
He watched the play from his abode 
From simple, singled celled microbes
To humans having brains with four lobes
Changes propagated steady and slow
Moulding to the rhythm of nature's flow

Prompted by Poetics : Tools Of The Trade at dVersePoetsPub.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Found In Pages

From dull reality I silently step aside
To please myself with a surreal ride 
Undressing the burden of prejudice
Diving aloft into the pool of bliss
Shattering all the shackles of space-time
Intoxicating words with thoughts to rhyme
Pages pouring out elixirs of  pleasure
Healing wisdom beyond any measure
Messages preserved by immortal greats 
Relishing minds with immaculate tastes
Kindling fantasies of self discovery
Triggering  journeys of recovery
A reflection deliciously transformed
A seeking shadow divinely reformed 

image by Manu Pombrol

"Clarian Sonnet  is composed of seven sequentially rhymed couplets – aa bb cc dd ee ff gg – in pentameter, or ten syllables per line."

I might have gone wrong with the syllable count as I was completely relying on for knowing the syllable count per line. 

Friday, 20 April 2012

Stoical Silence

Silence was the theme for the night
Violence of violins was the first delight
Hurt harps joined the terrible serenade
Blurting his thoughts like a grim grenade

Guitars began singing tunes of guilt
Sitars sounding his lost hope's wilt
Dreaded drums echoing sad dreams
Shredded santoors sighing in screams

Tormented tablas of rhythmic beat
Torn apart in the grief of his defeat
Flutes flaunting faulty fanatic tunes
Mute memories buried in time's dunes

Pain painted by piano's performance
Slain smiles  severed in vile penance
Cruised confusions of past left forlorn
Bruised bugles blared their last tone.  

(This poem is not in Iambic pentameter, as I am yet to learn to adhere to the syllabic rules)
Prompted by FormForAll - Framed Couplets  by Beachanny at dVerserPoetsPub.

Friday, 6 April 2012

The Nest

Life is a wonderful, exciting fest
Where our worth is always put to test
Once the fest comes to an end
We replenish ourselves in our nest

Some rides in the fest are so tough
When situation seem to be rough
That's when we are tested the most
Brooding at times , I have had enough!

These are times when we wish to reach the end
But then we get a hope , a solace , a friend
Who helps you out of the maze
His help, his comforts always ready to lend

Yet in the same maze, he might get caught
When your helps is silently sought
To play your part , tear his problems apart
That's when precious memories are wrought

There are also times we need our solitude
To seek our minds's blissful beatitude
When we withdraw into ourselves
Though with a sense of utter gratitude

We will fall down, we will fly high 
Sometimes with a smile , sometimes with a cry
Yet always finding the much needed peace
Resting our self in the nest built in the sky 

image: ParkeHarrison

Prompted by image at Magpie Tales and FormForAll: Rubaiyat Quatrains at  dVerse Poets Pub hosted by Samuel Peralta.

An attempt at writing at Rubaiyat Quatrain which is characterized with  the rhyme scheme AABA .

Friday, 9 March 2012

For My Light

I wait, at the end of the tunnel
For my light to guide me out 
To find myself in life's funnel 

I wait, at the end of the tunnel 
As thoughts seem void and null 
Shackled to the chains of doubt

I wait, at the end of the tunnel  
For my light to guide me out

Image Courtesy : Google Images

Thank you Sam for introducing to this wonderful form of poetry!

"A triolet has eight lines, with rhyme scheme ABaAabAB. The first, fourth and seventh lines are identical, and the second and final lines are also identical.This means that, once you've written the first couplet, you have five of the eight lines done. With only three more lines to go, you’re 63% done with the poem." 

Examples for this form can be found at Avolare and Valentine

Sunday, 5 February 2012

My Precious

From my dear sister , you came as a gift 
To my heart's ecstasy, an ultimate lift 

Bundled in a small carton box, you came
Moment captured in memory's hall of fame

They told me you were a candy bar
But to me you were a shining star 

With themes - lines, redberries and rings 
Doubling up as an FM radio which sings 

With  games ~ Minigolf and Quadrapop
You made me feel on entertainment's top 

Flashes, megapixels of camera - you had none 
Yet successful in capturing memories a ton 

Reading my unsent , drafted messages 
A silent consort , in my growing ages 

Alarms, helping me to rise and shine
Partnering  in every endeavor of mine 

Your little buttons ~ I used to fiddle
Whenever faced with reality's riddle 

With internet, you made my doubts clear
Your treasured presence is always dear

Flying with me, when I was happy
Helping me mend, when I felt crappy

Storing social bridges in your contacts
Being a sole witness to all of my acts 

'Smartphone' , I might be buying one
But you will forever be my precious one

Written for the Poetics prompt - Object at dVersePoetsPub by Mark Kerstetter.

Dedicated to my dear cell phone :) 

Posted at the OpenLinkNight Week 32 at dVersePoetsPub hosted by Tashtoo

Friday, 3 February 2012

Weather Wages a War

It was a bright Friday evening
Sun, the streetlight of Earth
Ready to move to his next shift
Nothing in this seemed strange
But everything was about to change

Streets swarming with people
Like aliens headed towards home planets
Like rivers running towards the oceans
To reach their nests and relish their weekend
But their dreams will meet a steep bend

And then began the thunderous trumpet
Heralding the arrival of the fleet
On dark, fluffy vessels named as
Nimbostratus and Cumulonimbus
They were here. Ready to ambush

The trumpets became louder and louder
Unaware earthlings running helter-skelter
Frantically in search of protective shelter
Some proactive ones donning shields and armours
Of colorful umbrellas and trendy trenchcoats


<<Yet to be completed>>
**My attempt at writing Martian poetry, still searching for some outlandish metaphors to complete it.