Saturday, 13 August 2011

City Safari

It was a cold , dark night
Baby monkey Gundu was not able to sleep
Though it was 2 hours past his bedtime

He started crying, filling the night's silence
With his loud wails
Mother monkey rushed to him.

She was busy accumulating
Bananas for the next day's festival
On the coconut tree.

She asked her boy
"What is the matter my dear?
Why are you not in bed?"

"Mama, I am not able to sleep.
Tell me a story
Else I will cry more" He said.

"Okay sweetheart. Which story do you want?"
She asks her son,
Making him sleep on her lap.

Now that mom is here
Little Gundu stopped crying and excitedly
Asks "Tell me the baby elephant's story!"

"Once upon a time, there lived
A naughty baby elephant named Chingu
With his parents in the jungle"

<To be completed>