Friday, 5 April 2013

Maybe Tomorrow Is A Better Day

"Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”
Said a great man.
But I have a different tale to say
For I am not his idea's fan

Why to clean your room today?
When you know its gonna get messy again
Clean it only after the quintessential day you decide
That you are not going to make a mess of it
And save yourself all the re-cleaning pain!

Why complete reading a novel today ?
When you know with every passing day
Its going to get more interesting
By plotting different endings in your mind
Let this zest reach its zenith
And only then complete the book.

Why go to the gym today ?
When you know gonna quit it tomorrow
Wait till you are fed of your own fat
Let all your clothes become tighter
Realize your reflexes are a tad faster than a snail
And only then start going to gym.

Why complete your project today ?
When you can wait for the last moment
To be flooded with better ideas
To be flooded with adrenaline
And do the same work at twice the speed.

Why read a good blog today ?
When you can wait till you are utterly bored
With nothing boring left to do
You will be able to appreciate the post better
And relate to post in ways you never knew.

Why reply to an email today?
When you know there would be more coming
Let all the mails flow in - read them all
And reply to last mail with answers to the others too
It might add a good amount to his/her frustration
But it surely would save the reader's time!

“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”
Instead put off till the day after tomorrow!
And laze around royally with the time you borrowed ;)

Prompted by Victoria Slotto's prompt at dVersepoets Pub  ~ Just Say What You Don’t Mean: Irony