Friday, 4 May 2012

Found In Pages

From dull reality I silently step aside
To please myself with a surreal ride 
Undressing the burden of prejudice
Diving aloft into the pool of bliss
Shattering all the shackles of space-time
Intoxicating words with thoughts to rhyme
Pages pouring out elixirs of  pleasure
Healing wisdom beyond any measure
Messages preserved by immortal greats 
Relishing minds with immaculate tastes
Kindling fantasies of self discovery
Triggering  journeys of recovery
A reflection deliciously transformed
A seeking shadow divinely reformed 

image by Manu Pombrol

"Clarian Sonnet  is composed of seven sequentially rhymed couplets – aa bb cc dd ee ff gg – in pentameter, or ten syllables per line."

I might have gone wrong with the syllable count as I was completely relying on for knowing the syllable count per line.