Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Finally Insomniac Sleeps

Lying on his bed of willow,
On his favorite pillow,
He listens to the singing clock,
Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock...

Turning left , Turning right,
Waiting for take off of sleep's flight.
Turning right, Turning left,
Longing for consciousness's theft.

Suddenly his dog begins to bark,
There's something moving in the dark...
It's just a large insect - A dragonfly,
He breathes in relief with a sigh.

His dog has now begun to snore
Its irking sounds , he tries to ignore,
When in his balcony, an owl hoots,
He shoos it off with his boots.

Though his tiredness abounds
Sleep is nowhere to be found
Forcibly shutting his eyes,
He imagines the star-lit skies.

Seeing the bright, shining moon
Sleep begins to lure him soon
Flowing away from thought streams,
He finally dives into sweet dreams.

Image courtesy : Google Images 
Posted for OpenLinkNight#3 at the dVerse ~ Poets Pub

Submitted for Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 50