Friday, 9 March 2012

For My Light

I wait, at the end of the tunnel
For my light to guide me out 
To find myself in life's funnel 

I wait, at the end of the tunnel 
As thoughts seem void and null 
Shackled to the chains of doubt

I wait, at the end of the tunnel  
For my light to guide me out

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Thank you Sam for introducing to this wonderful form of poetry!

"A triolet has eight lines, with rhyme scheme ABaAabAB. The first, fourth and seventh lines are identical, and the second and final lines are also identical.This means that, once you've written the first couplet, you have five of the eight lines done. With only three more lines to go, you’re 63% done with the poem." 

Examples for this form can be found at Avolare and Valentine

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I Being Me

This is a story about a man crossing a street
Who listens to the sound of river and his silent heart
And wonders how to disappear from society
This is the story of I Being Me

My mind told me stories never to be shared
When a broken star stares back at me
I open a blue box of feelings out of my dream
Only to realize that she lives in my head

I jot down all my reasons to write
With the fountain pen of my life
I write my life to travel far away from here
Very soon I will walk away from roads

Feeling alone behind this mask of vanity 
I am a cloud made of thoughtlessness
If i had wings like yours, I tell my pigeon 
I would fly beyond infinite stars and wait

On winter nights, I think of soup making
I live and die as the moon heels my heart
buried in sleep beneath dry leaves of sugarcane
I make miracles with my light

I Being Me


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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Partial To Gin

A man who was partial to gin
Was clad in a suit from Pierre Cardin
Piously devoted to his drink
He ignored his lady's wink
The lady divorced him for this sin

A gal who was partial to gin
Saw an opportunity for a win
She offered him another glass
He gladly accepted it with class
Together they went for a spin

Image courtesy : Google Images

Posted for Limerick-Off Monday by Mad Kane