Sunday, 20 May 2012

Life ~ The Greatest Code Ever Written

He had no knowledge
Of high level languages 
Like C , C++, Java or Python 
Nor did he know
The low level languages 
Of Machine codes and Assembly 
For they did not exist when he began
Yet he wrote the greatest program ever

He had no requirements to be gathered 
Nor he had to list down his specification
As there was no one else around 
Maybe his solitude was his motivation 
He planned his architecture with finesse
And designed it with precise perfection   
He had no process models to follow
With a big bang he began implementation.

The first module he made was Time
He wrote it to be a daemon 
Ceaselessly executing in background 
Creating the plethora of perceptions
Of past , present and future 
Listening to the tireless tunes of time 
He created numerous particles 
which indulged in an eternal cosmic dance.

As 'Time' proceeded he progressed 
He had no release dates to worry about 
So he functioned with his divine comforts
Making sure he produces a masterpiece
The particles he made learned to innovate
To work with each other and collaborate
Expanding in size, complexity and beauty
Deploying what we now know as the Universe.

An aesthetic user experience was created
Of drifting galaxies sequined with twinkling stars
To hold these large modules together
He created a gluing driver called Gravity
Thanks to gravity smaller modules called Planets
Attached themselves to the twinkling stars
Each star executing an almost infinite loop
Of  fusing variable matter into constant energy.

Employing a randomization technique
To choose one of the billion stars
To test his new module, code-named  'Life'
Initializing the recipe for the primordial soup
In the boisterous boiling broth blossomed
An inflorescence of magical polymers
On this chain of special molecules
He checked-in the pivotal part of his code.

In the quaternary quartet of A,T,G,C
He compiled the first version of code
Executing this program with a single click
He watched the play from his abode 
From simple, singled celled microbes
To humans having brains with four lobes
Changes propagated steady and slow
Moulding to the rhythm of nature's flow

Prompted by Poetics : Tools Of The Trade at dVersePoetsPub.