Friday, 6 April 2012

The Nest

Life is a wonderful, exciting fest
Where our worth is always put to test
Once the fest comes to an end
We replenish ourselves in our nest

Some rides in the fest are so tough
When situation seem to be rough
That's when we are tested the most
Brooding at times , I have had enough!

These are times when we wish to reach the end
But then we get a hope , a solace , a friend
Who helps you out of the maze
His help, his comforts always ready to lend

Yet in the same maze, he might get caught
When your helps is silently sought
To play your part , tear his problems apart
That's when precious memories are wrought

There are also times we need our solitude
To seek our minds's blissful beatitude
When we withdraw into ourselves
Though with a sense of utter gratitude

We will fall down, we will fly high 
Sometimes with a smile , sometimes with a cry
Yet always finding the much needed peace
Resting our self in the nest built in the sky 

image: ParkeHarrison

Prompted by image at Magpie Tales and FormForAll: Rubaiyat Quatrains at  dVerse Poets Pub hosted by Samuel Peralta.

An attempt at writing at Rubaiyat Quatrain which is characterized with  the rhyme scheme AABA .

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Nefarious Nightmare

Staring the monitor without a blink
As I sip small gulps of my drink
I lose track of space and time
Trying hard to find words to rhyme

I close my strained, burning eyes
To imagine something to feel nice
My tired mind soon drifts into sleep
Then a dreaded dream begins to creep

I see myself working in the dream
When the fire alarm begins to scream
All around , I search to find no one
All precious possessions I shun , I run

Fire exit maps - all burnt and charred
My hopes of escape feel so jarred
Intuitively I run towards the staircase
As I trip over the fallen flower vase

I am hurt now - bleeding  in abundance
My bruises singing in all their cadence
Finally I stumble upon a hazy gaze
A way out of the inferno flavored maze

Finally out of fiery lair , I feel free
A sense of achievement and glee
But this joy was just momentary
Shredded by thunder's trajectory

My hurt right leg feels as its amputated
Away from lightnings, slowly I ambulated
A few yards apart, seeing clear serene space
With all my strength, I paced towards the place

There I found the man with the wrench
Trying hard, his teeth and fists clenched
Gloomily he said "Your world is tearing apart"
Hurling the wrench to pierce thorough my heart

He shouted "You are the only one to blame
For you started that world-ending flame.
So I punish you with your death"
Listening to this, I took my last breath

Image courtesy : Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

Prompted by Poetics: Nightmare Verse at dVerse Poets Pub 
hosted by Stu McPherson