Friday, 27 May 2011

A Beautiful Day

As the Sun shines in all its glory,
Burning away everyone's worry.
With his amazing and empowering light,
Making our days joyous and bright.

As the morning breeze caresses the face,
With her soothing touch and grace .
Evaporating every bad and troubled thought
Bringing the peace of mind , always sought.

Lovely birds flying around in happiness,
Filling the air with their chirp's sweetness.
Then you hear your heart say,
Its a beautiful day!!!

                                 POETRY POTLUCK- Inspired by a Song ~ Jingle Poetry

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Split Poet

He found solace in play of words,
As he butchered hope's tiny birds.
He lost himself in the war of words,
As he buried all his mind's swords.

From one insanity to another, 
He falls like a broken feather.
His mind runs a thousand times,
On the thought, which eternally rhymes.

Caught in his own mind's treason,
He appears to be single person,
But each moment his is many,
Alas the next moment he isn't any.

His moods swing from left to right,
As his thoughts, he sits to write.
His thoughts jump from right to left,
Until sleep makes his mind's theft .

Me vs Myself

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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Home Sweet Home

With gravel and sand,
With bricks and cement,
Strong and sturdy... Yet incomplete.
Had windows and doors,
Had floor and ceiling, 
Large and lovely... Yet incomplete.

Had walls all around,
Also a well-built compound,
Secure and spectacular... Yet incomplete.

From the foundation,
To the terrace,
I had it all... Yet incomplete.

I was an inanimate house,
You made me a lively home,
With your joys and prosperity... I am complete.

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