Sunday, 16 September 2012

First Poem

Poems, never thought I would write any
Though I had read and memorized  many 
Then on a fine afternoon in my classroom shade
In the English lecture of my twelfth grade
I was forced to write one of my own 
Fidgeting my brand new pen, up and down 
I wandered along my mind's cloud
Penning down my thoughts aloud
Taking inspiration from the Daffodils
That gathered over the vales and hills
I resonated a repetitive rhetorical refrain
Of a question that meandered my mind's lane
Framing up tiny couplets that would rhyme
Adding melodies to my mind's muted mime
I read through my first poem once it was done
Realizing that poetry is SO much fun

Written for Poetics : First Times at the dVersePoetsPub hosted by Fred Rutherford