Saturday, 21 May 2011

Inevitable Consciousness

Each and every waking moment , he burns
burns - in the fire that he lit 
lit by the spark of his hopes
hopes that get extinguished every night

Night - that lonely , dark place
place which he loves and fears the most
most of his time is spent in thinking
thinking of those unexperienced memories

Memories that haunt endlessly
endlessly knocking at his mind
mind mystified by signs
signs of the inevitable

Inevitable - that's what it always was
was never in his reach
reach was only in his dreams
dreams which ignite desire

Desire - the ultimate cause of his pain
pain which has become his symbiote
symbiote for his each moment
moment which he wants to forget

Forget those unworthy thoughts
thoughts which erode his senses
senses which have become numb
numb by his own actions

Actions which were futile 
futile like his words
words which are his feelings
feelings, which continuously crumble

Crumble like pieces of paper
paper which is torn into pieces
pieces which form the puzzle
the puzzle of his heart

Heart - he realizes is just an organ
organ relentlessly keeping him alive
alive to go through this endless loop
loop running each and every waking moment.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hot Air Balloon

It is a beautiful, sunny day,
To the strong winds, as the trees sway.

We arrive at this large, open ground,
To go in the air balloons - big and round.

Me and my pals rush towards the balloon
Excited - to start flying high  - very soon

Soon the hot, mighty flames gush, 
So does our adrenaline rush.

Our 'vehicle' takes off the earth's surface,
Like a ballerina jumping with grace.

We soar towards the vast , quiet skies,
All that we hear is our excited , ecstatic cries.

Flying above the forest , flying above the hills,
Guided by the balloon rider's amazing skills.

We fly left and right  , we fly up and down,
Watching some birds staring at us with a frown.

Soon time walks away in long strides,
To end one of our memorable and best rides.

We reach back to the grounds - gratified,
Bird-like-flying wishes satisfied.

As icing on cake, we eat ice cream, 
Thats when I wake up from this sensational dream.

Prompted by Short Story Slam

Photo by: Melissa R. Bickel

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Forsaken Fish

As my heart makes its last bids,
Those which the mind always forbids.

I manage to swim in the troubled seas,
Holding on.. to the logs of ecstasy on a lease.

Realizing I am just fate's forsaken fish,
Towards my unknown destination I brandish.

Prompted by Three Word Wednesday