Wednesday, 9 March 2011

So Close Yet So Far

We were so close
Yet there wasn't a blossom of love's rose
I tried my best to go far
yet my heart's door for her is always ajar

Now I know what addiction is
I feel it in all the sweet moments I miss
My life could have been the best
But destiny wanted my joys to be at rest

The source of my smile is fading
Through the streams of tears I keep on wading
The hope will never be lost
Coz in my heart she is forever frost

So close yet so far
Just like the night sky's bright little star
For her I will keep waiting like the moon
With hopes that she will change her mind soon :)

Submitted for Poetry Potluck Week 46Love and its not being there”

LIFE As I Know It

Life is weirdly wonderful
Just when you start feeling its beautiful
Its tells you , you don't deserve it
For that happiness you aren't fit

Try not to fly without wings
Coz it brings you crash landing for small things
When u realize your worst fears
Life is just an island in the ocean of tears

So just say every cloud has a silver line
Give false assurances that it will be fine
Don't care about all the ifs , buts and despites
Just be giving myself false respites

Its difficult to follow my brain
Coz its got drenched in mad rain
Its difficult to follow my heart
Coz it hasn't been with me from d start

So I just put on a fake smile :)
And make it last for a long while
Just holding back those lacrimal drops
And keep giving myself stupid silly hopes