Saturday, 3 March 2012

Testing mp3 embeds

You Are My Sunshine by purplepoetry

I always saw people embedding their music/poetry recitals  from Soundcloud on wordpress blogs and was wondering if it could be done on 'easily' on blogspot. But as I did not have any music to be embedded, never tried it. Then I saw my friend @purplepoetry77 trying to embed an mp3. So tried embedding her poetry from soundcloud here.

How to embed a soundcloud recording on blogspot ?

1) Click 'share' on the soundcloud music, copy the embed code.

2) In blogspot,  click on 'Edit HTML' and paste the copied embed code 

The text highlighted is the copied embed code from soundcloud. 

3) Publish the blog post and you should be able to hear the music embedded! :)

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Nostalgic Nirvana

Reflecting all around
Rods and cones of my eye
Images of you
Like the stars in the sky

Resonating all around
Cochlea and canals of my ear
Melodies of you
Playing each moment of the year

Gushing ceaselessly
In the tunnels of my nose
Fragrance of you 
As a garden full of rose

Flowing endlessly
In the rivulets of my nerves
Your single touch
Fueling my soul's verves

Carved all over
The museum of my mind
Memories of you
That you left behind

Painted everywhere
On the walls of my heart
Words of yours
Masterpiece of a divine art.