Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Beginning

Entering into the Library of Life
He goes towards the Fiction section
Searching his book of Genesis

After looking for hours
Finally he gets his favorite novel
Written in his own thoughts and dreams

He begins reading from the middle
Painting those words on the canvas of his mind
Reading the story of "The Beginning"

A lush, beautiful garden
With trees of time filled fruits of fun
Birds and animals living in harmony

There are waterfalls filling him with wonder
Rainbows in the background of nature's rhapsody
Finally he spots the only two humans in this eden.

He knows who they are..
Adam, His mind - the thoughtful and the wise
Eve, His heart - the beautiful and nice

Looking at them causes him to think
They would live happily ever after
Not realizing the twist of fate..

He flips to the beginning of the book
Reading how all this was created by the One
The One, he calls the Soul.