Sunday, 23 October 2011

Let It Be

Image courtesy : Sweetestsin2862

This poem is a message from a father to his dear child...

Sleeping peacefully, my dear baby, so lovely and mild
Three words I would like you to know, my child
"Let it be"

Sometimes you will give your best
Yet you might be nowhere close to the rest
Just let it be

Sometimes your heart might be broken
With only memories left as a token
Just let it be

Sometimes you have to forget your long wait
And walk away with a losing, disappointed gait
Just let it be

Sometimes all your efforts might go in vain
You might be left with just regrets and pain
Just let it be

Sometimes life may get rough and harsh
But never allow your mind to be marsh
Just let it be 

Sometimes close to victory, you might face defeat
But do not let your confidence go offbeat
Just let it be

Sometimes when you are very lost and confused 
Know that, within you, I am always fused 
So just let it be 

Prompted by Bluebell Books: Short Story Slam Week 12

Thanks to Ava from The Poetry Palace for selecting me as the Thursday Poets Rally 55 Award Winner