Sunday, 23 October 2011

Let It Be

Image courtesy : Sweetestsin2862

This poem is a message from a father to his dear child...

Sleeping peacefully, my dear baby, so lovely and mild
Three words I would like you to know, my child
"Let it be"

Sometimes you will give your best
Yet you might be nowhere close to the rest
Just let it be

Sometimes your heart might be broken
With only memories left as a token
Just let it be

Sometimes you have to forget your long wait
And walk away with a losing, disappointed gait
Just let it be

Sometimes all your efforts might go in vain
You might be left with just regrets and pain
Just let it be

Sometimes life may get rough and harsh
But never allow your mind to be marsh
Just let it be 

Sometimes close to victory, you might face defeat
But do not let your confidence go offbeat
Just let it be

Sometimes when you are very lost and confused 
Know that, within you, I am always fused 
So just let it be 

Prompted by Bluebell Books: Short Story Slam Week 12

Thanks to Ava from The Poetry Palace for selecting me as the Thursday Poets Rally 55 Award Winner

Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Departure

She waves to him with her sweet smile
But her smile just lasts for a while
As his ship moves farther into the sea
Her agonies, she begins to see! 

Unfolding the letter she had
Reading his words she felt glad
His voice echoed in his words
Her dreams began to fly like birds 

Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Beginning

Entering into the Library of Life
He goes towards the Fiction section
Searching his book of Genesis

After looking for hours
Finally he gets his favorite novel
Written in his own thoughts and dreams

He begins reading from the middle
Painting those words on the canvas of his mind
Reading the story of "The Beginning"

A lush, beautiful garden
With trees of time filled fruits of fun
Birds and animals living in harmony

There are waterfalls filling him with wonder
Rainbows in the background of nature's rhapsody
Finally he spots the only two humans in this eden.

He knows who they are..
Adam, His mind - the thoughtful and the wise
Eve, His heart - the beautiful and nice

Looking at them causes him to think
They would live happily ever after
Not realizing the twist of fate..

He flips to the beginning of the book
Reading how all this was created by the One
The One, he calls the Soul.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

City Safari

It was a cold , dark night
Baby monkey Gundu was not able to sleep
Though it was 2 hours past his bedtime

He started crying, filling the night's silence
With his loud wails
Mother monkey rushed to him.

She was busy accumulating
Bananas for the next day's festival
On the coconut tree.

She asked her boy
"What is the matter my dear?
Why are you not in bed?"

"Mama, I am not able to sleep.
Tell me a story
Else I will cry more" He said.

"Okay sweetheart. Which story do you want?"
She asks her son,
Making him sleep on her lap.

Now that mom is here
Little Gundu stopped crying and excitedly
Asks "Tell me the baby elephant's story!"

"Once upon a time, there lived
A naughty baby elephant named Chingu
With his parents in the jungle"

<To be completed>

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Finally Insomniac Sleeps

Lying on his bed of willow,
On his favorite pillow,
He listens to the singing clock,
Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock...

Turning left , Turning right,
Waiting for take off of sleep's flight.
Turning right, Turning left,
Longing for consciousness's theft.

Suddenly his dog begins to bark,
There's something moving in the dark...
It's just a large insect - A dragonfly,
He breathes in relief with a sigh.

His dog has now begun to snore
Its irking sounds , he tries to ignore,
When in his balcony, an owl hoots,
He shoos it off with his boots.

Though his tiredness abounds
Sleep is nowhere to be found
Forcibly shutting his eyes,
He imagines the star-lit skies.

Seeing the bright, shining moon
Sleep begins to lure him soon
Flowing away from thought streams,
He finally dives into sweet dreams.

Image courtesy : Google Images 
Posted for OpenLinkNight#3 at the dVerse ~ Poets Pub

Submitted for Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 50

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Earth's True Daughter

Long time ago , She was born
4.54 billion years ago to be precise.
Revolving around her master 
Around the ever-powerful Sun

Saturday, 9 July 2011

A night in the rain

As the earth is savoring rain's refreshing kisses
He starts recollecting his treasured blisses
Sitting beside an open window
He takes a stroll in memory's meadow.

Horns of vehicles play the background score
As he reaches to his mind's core
Quenched are all his senses
As he tears down all his prejudiced fences

His long, uncut hair flies in the cool breeze
As he makes these moments to freeze
The trees glimmer with glistening leaves
Rain pouring through cloud's sieves

These clouds decorate the canvas of the sky
Making the whole scene a treat to the eye
Pondering about who is its painter ?
He bows in awe and gratitude, to God - the almighty creator.

Written on 25/6/2011

Happiness comes from all directions
North, south, east, west
The best one comes when someone tells 
That you are one of the best 

This poem has been published in The dVerse Anthology. It is a collection of many beautiful poems from poets all around the world and has been edited by Frank Watson.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Fantastic Fall

He was clinging to confusion's cliff
With the tightest possible grip
As his body began to go stiff
His hands began to rip.

To his luck , he found  a thread
He thought of  holding on to it
Only realizing its a serpent instead
After he was severely bit

He prefers to fall silently
Towards the sea of reality
Swaying in the wind gallantly
 He discovers his inner serenity. 

Submitted for : One Shot Wednesday 

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Calm before the Storm

Creatures of the day are sleeping..
Creatures of the night are peeping..
Its a dark and silent night.

The dry leaves are rustling.. 
The cool wind is whistling..
Its a cool and quiet night.

All of a sudden, there is a spark..
Sky is filled with clouds - huge and dark.. 
Its begun to drizzle.

Show of lightening and thunder..
Tearing the calmness asunder.. 
Things changed like a ruffled puzzle.

Now the strong scary wind growls..
As scared street dog howls..
Here comes the scornful storm! 

To its mighty force, the trees dance.. 
Blurred is everything, within a glance.. 
Nature has taken its fearful form.

Submitted as part of Thursday Poets Rally 47

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Wrong Direction

There were omens,
There were signs,
All pointing to a wrong direction.

A source which was luminous,
Looked like the pole star,
But pointing to a wrong direction.

Patterns were all erratic,
Left with memories antique,
On the wrong direction.

Prompted by Three Word Wednesday -

Submitted for : One Shot Wednesday Week 51 

Friday, 27 May 2011

A Beautiful Day

As the Sun shines in all its glory,
Burning away everyone's worry.
With his amazing and empowering light,
Making our days joyous and bright.

As the morning breeze caresses the face,
With her soothing touch and grace .
Evaporating every bad and troubled thought
Bringing the peace of mind , always sought.

Lovely birds flying around in happiness,
Filling the air with their chirp's sweetness.
Then you hear your heart say,
Its a beautiful day!!!

                                 POETRY POTLUCK- Inspired by a Song ~ Jingle Poetry

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Split Poet

He found solace in play of words,
As he butchered hope's tiny birds.
He lost himself in the war of words,
As he buried all his mind's swords.

From one insanity to another, 
He falls like a broken feather.
His mind runs a thousand times,
On the thought, which eternally rhymes.

Caught in his own mind's treason,
He appears to be single person,
But each moment his is many,
Alas the next moment he isn't any.

His moods swing from left to right,
As his thoughts, he sits to write.
His thoughts jump from right to left,
Until sleep makes his mind's theft .

Me vs Myself

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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Home Sweet Home

With gravel and sand,
With bricks and cement,
Strong and sturdy... Yet incomplete.
Had windows and doors,
Had floor and ceiling, 
Large and lovely... Yet incomplete.

Had walls all around,
Also a well-built compound,
Secure and spectacular... Yet incomplete.

From the foundation,
To the terrace,
I had it all... Yet incomplete.

I was an inanimate house,
You made me a lively home,
With your joys and prosperity... I am complete.

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Theme Thursday : Brick

Posted at the second week of OpenLinkNight of DVersePoets.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Inevitable Consciousness

Each and every waking moment , he burns
burns - in the fire that he lit 
lit by the spark of his hopes
hopes that get extinguished every night

Night - that lonely , dark place
place which he loves and fears the most
most of his time is spent in thinking
thinking of those unexperienced memories

Memories that haunt endlessly
endlessly knocking at his mind
mind mystified by signs
signs of the inevitable

Inevitable - that's what it always was
was never in his reach
reach was only in his dreams
dreams which ignite desire

Desire - the ultimate cause of his pain
pain which has become his symbiote
symbiote for his each moment
moment which he wants to forget

Forget those unworthy thoughts
thoughts which erode his senses
senses which have become numb
numb by his own actions

Actions which were futile 
futile like his words
words which are his feelings
feelings, which continuously crumble

Crumble like pieces of paper
paper which is torn into pieces
pieces which form the puzzle
the puzzle of his heart

Heart - he realizes is just an organ
organ relentlessly keeping him alive
alive to go through this endless loop
loop running each and every waking moment.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hot Air Balloon

It is a beautiful, sunny day,
To the strong winds, as the trees sway.

We arrive at this large, open ground,
To go in the air balloons - big and round.

Me and my pals rush towards the balloon
Excited - to start flying high  - very soon

Soon the hot, mighty flames gush, 
So does our adrenaline rush.

Our 'vehicle' takes off the earth's surface,
Like a ballerina jumping with grace.

We soar towards the vast , quiet skies,
All that we hear is our excited , ecstatic cries.

Flying above the forest , flying above the hills,
Guided by the balloon rider's amazing skills.

We fly left and right  , we fly up and down,
Watching some birds staring at us with a frown.

Soon time walks away in long strides,
To end one of our memorable and best rides.

We reach back to the grounds - gratified,
Bird-like-flying wishes satisfied.

As icing on cake, we eat ice cream, 
Thats when I wake up from this sensational dream.

Prompted by Short Story Slam

Photo by: Melissa R. Bickel

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Forsaken Fish

As my heart makes its last bids,
Those which the mind always forbids.

I manage to swim in the troubled seas,
Holding on.. to the logs of ecstasy on a lease.

Realizing I am just fate's forsaken fish,
Towards my unknown destination I brandish.

Prompted by Three Word Wednesday

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Who Am I ?

Wandering wandering like a lonely cloud,
Shouting shouting in the streets aloud
Who am I ? Why am I here?

Lost in the jungles of time,
Without shelter nor a dime
Who am I ? Why am I here?

Tossing myself between work and play,
Losing myself every night and day
Who am I ? Why am I here?

I am a normal human being
Looking out for well - being ;
A result of million years of evolution,
I am here to bring about a revolution.

This was my first poem.
Wrote it in my 12th Grade , thanks to my English lecturer Sindhu John for making me write it :) 

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Electric Deficiency

As I get lost in this darkness,
Craving for that fondness.

Without the guidance of the light,
Dwindling all hopes out of sight.

Living is so hard without electricity,
Invoking so much of disgust and pity.

Addicted to the plethora of electric goods,
Without them, like a kid lost in woods.

No internet , No music , No 'air' ,
Just lying on the bed with a blank stare.

In this period of power-cuts ,
Getting lost in the maze of ifs and buts.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Precise Decisions

Decisions are the hardest to make
People's fragile emotions always at stake
Just when you feel you know someone
They just make you realise you are a no one

For an unsync group , there is never a best solution
But usually only cases of thought pollution
Everyone has their own requirements and opinions
Satisying all is as good as cutting onions

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Enigmatic Rains

Sleep has become an engima
Lost in confusion's stigma
The body wishes to sleep
Alas the mind is lost in thoughts so deep

As the rain ceaselessly pours
My tension and anxiety soars
Think its high time to hit the bed
To avoid waking up like the dead

- Date : Saturday 23 April 2011 

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Confusing Thoughts OR Thoughts Of Confusion

Gladly the Sun is back and shining 
As my mind goes on endless thought mining 
Every thought takes me on a recursive voyage
Finally ending in disappointment and rage

Not able to work , Not able to sleep
Feeling that I am transforming into a worthless creep
Trying hard to concentrate
But end up at confusion's gate 

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

So Close Yet So Far

We were so close
Yet there wasn't a blossom of love's rose
I tried my best to go far
yet my heart's door for her is always ajar

Now I know what addiction is
I feel it in all the sweet moments I miss
My life could have been the best
But destiny wanted my joys to be at rest

The source of my smile is fading
Through the streams of tears I keep on wading
The hope will never be lost
Coz in my heart she is forever frost

So close yet so far
Just like the night sky's bright little star
For her I will keep waiting like the moon
With hopes that she will change her mind soon :)

Submitted for Poetry Potluck Week 46Love and its not being there”

LIFE As I Know It

Life is weirdly wonderful
Just when you start feeling its beautiful
Its tells you , you don't deserve it
For that happiness you aren't fit

Try not to fly without wings
Coz it brings you crash landing for small things
When u realize your worst fears
Life is just an island in the ocean of tears

So just say every cloud has a silver line
Give false assurances that it will be fine
Don't care about all the ifs , buts and despites
Just be giving myself false respites

Its difficult to follow my brain
Coz its got drenched in mad rain
Its difficult to follow my heart
Coz it hasn't been with me from d start

So I just put on a fake smile :)
And make it last for a long while
Just holding back those lacrimal drops
And keep giving myself stupid silly hopes