Saturday, 9 July 2011

A night in the rain

As the earth is savoring rain's refreshing kisses
He starts recollecting his treasured blisses
Sitting beside an open window
He takes a stroll in memory's meadow.

Horns of vehicles play the background score
As he reaches to his mind's core
Quenched are all his senses
As he tears down all his prejudiced fences

His long, uncut hair flies in the cool breeze
As he makes these moments to freeze
The trees glimmer with glistening leaves
Rain pouring through cloud's sieves

These clouds decorate the canvas of the sky
Making the whole scene a treat to the eye
Pondering about who is its painter ?
He bows in awe and gratitude, to God - the almighty creator.

Written on 25/6/2011

Happiness comes from all directions
North, south, east, west
The best one comes when someone tells 
That you are one of the best 

This poem has been published in The dVerse Anthology. It is a collection of many beautiful poems from poets all around the world and has been edited by Frank Watson.