Sunday, 22 May 2011

Home Sweet Home

With gravel and sand,
With bricks and cement,
Strong and sturdy... Yet incomplete.
Had windows and doors,
Had floor and ceiling, 
Large and lovely... Yet incomplete.

Had walls all around,
Also a well-built compound,
Secure and spectacular... Yet incomplete.

From the foundation,
To the terrace,
I had it all... Yet incomplete.

I was an inanimate house,
You made me a lively home,
With your joys and prosperity... I am complete.

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Theme Thursday : Brick

Posted at the second week of OpenLinkNight of DVersePoets.


  1. Beautiful and poem and home... love the ending!

  2. Good write, solid use of repetition/structure.

  3. Beautiful verse! A house is truly just a structure until there is life breathed inside. Then it become a home.

  4. I'm glad you used this for the second chance. I missed it the first time. This is lovely. Who would speak for a house?

  5. It's fascinating how houses take on the character of their occupants.

  6. is not the house but the people in it that make it the home...message nicely sent...

  7. Beautiful piece... and aren't they always incomplete until the heart finds its place. Friends and family together make it a home.

  8. oh this is lovely. there is a big difference between a house and a home - I agree - as you put it "incomplete" vs "complete."

  9. Umesh this piece is wonderfully charming! The refrain and sentiment left such a touching warmth. Much enjoyed! ~ Rose

  10. Nice to read, love the beautiful ending and photo :D