Friday, 19 October 2012

Paradoxical Phoenix

A phoenix
imprisoned in
the frozen cage
of decisions

A frozen cage
mounted on
a red hot iron table
of dreams

Hot iron table
placed in
the ice cold room
of desires

The ice cold room
deep within
an ignited castle
of darkness

The ignited castle
surrounded by 
snow-covered forest
of thoughts

Snow-covered forest
floating lackadaisically
in a volcanic ocean 
of regrets 

The volcanic ocean 
screaming in silence 
in the frigid planet 
of paradoxes 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Light Food

Lost in the wood
In search of food
I met an old talking tree called Montry
Who taught me a botany lesson for free

I asked him curiously 
How do you get your food?
Curtly he replied
That's simple. I do photosynthesis 

Oh yes. How foolish of me
I had completely forgotten about it
Feigning my ignorance he said
Let me show you how it happens

He touched me with his branch
Decorated with tender leaflets
Suddenly I began to shrink 
To a size smaller than atoms

With my new subatomic form
I was able to see large light balls
Falling all around me 
They are the photons, the tree said 

Climbing onto one of the branches
I anchoring myself to one of the photons
As it jumped into a lush green leaf
Welcome to my kitchen said Mr,Montry 

The photon plunged into a structure
Oval shaped and bounded by two walls
Filled with a fluid - Of DNA, proteins et al
He said You are in one of the chloroplasts now 

Once upon a time they were separate cells
Some of my single celled ancestor engulfed them 
From then on they took over the role of the chef 
Blessed with their special pigment called chlorophyll

They contains special structures called quantosomes
That's where all the actual cooking takes place 
Would you like to see it in detail ?
Yes of course I heard myself say 

The photon I was riding on bumped into a green molecule
Due to the collision impact , two bigger spheres jumped out 
I jumped onto one of those, going through a sequence of reactions
At the end of the ride I became part of a molecule called NADP

With my binoculars I saw a molecule of water 
Shattering its bonds - it released a molecule of oxygen
And donated 2 hydrogen molecules to make my ride NADPH2 
I also saw ADP shake hands with Phosphorous to form ATP

Now this my tiny human friend is called the Light reaction 
Though you humans prefer to call it Hill's reaction 
The two molecules ATP and NADPH2 fuel my tiny kitchens
These reactions need presence of the celestial ingredient - sunlight. 

Now look at that opening towards your far right 
Its the stoma. That's where I get my main ingredient from 
And what is that O talking tree , I said 
Well that's the molecule you expire - carbon dioxide CO2

The process I am showing you is the Dark reaction
And again you people refer it as the Calvin cycle
Hop onto the CO2 molecule and see it for yourself
So I did and waited to witness the proceedings 

Embraced by a group of molecules called Ribulose Biphosphate
With another molecule named as RUBISCO 
Gradually creating another one called Phosphoglyceraldehyde (PGAL)
Also my old chariot NADPH2 got reduced to NADP

As I saw from the PGAL I was hitchhiking on 
Another PGAL came and together they formed frucotse-diphosphate
There were some others who had a penchant need of phosphates
So it was given to them converting my ride into fructose 

Fructose did not seem to like its looks 
So it had a makeover and became glucose 
This my tiny friend is the food I eat 
And indirectly its also the food that you all eat 

Now let me get you back to your true size 
Viola! I was back to my human form 
Thank you for the wonderful tour I said
No problemo, Always ready to help , he said.

I realize you have been very hungry 
Let me give you one of my fruits 
A juicy mango fell on my head
Waking me up from my dream. 

Recently I was helping my sister learn her lesson on photosynthesis - the process in which plants prepare food. It is one of the wonderful processes of life that converts solar energy into chemical energy and also releases oxygen to the environment.  So here is my post for the delicious poetics prompt Poetics– Foodloose

Friday, 5 October 2012

Vanishing Words

 I always wonder where do these words come from, where do they rise and where do they set?  Sometimes shining like the bright full moon. Sometimes like the shimmering crescent. Yet many a times like the moonless empty sky, deserting poets and writers as the rains do to the parched earth.

Words, where have thee gone ?
Leaving thy writer forlorn

These are the moments I am lost in wishful thinking, longing and awaiting the resurgence of words. Like an explorer lost in search of his own hidden treasure.
These are the moments raining with anxiety, emptiness and silence. Thoughts begin to scream at full volume but the pen seems to have lost all its ink and I do nothing but hopefully blink, trying to verse-fully think.

No rhythm , no rhyme
I loathe that terrible time
More so often then not
I am entangled in this knot

Sunday, 30 September 2012

For DB

I see her every morning 
      In the crowded city bus
Always sits at the window seat 
      Holding her black shining purse 

Rarely she misses her daily stop,
    Only on days when she falls asleep
On many days she is found,
    Reflecting on thoughts too deep 

She always keeps the window open
     For the breeze to caress her pretty face
And for the rhythm of  the breeze
     To make her hair flutter like a silken lace

Never have I spoken to her 
     Hence I know not her name 
But to be lost in her rapturing smile
     Every single moment I am game 

Some mornings she is found 
      Blushing at her mobile's latest text
 On some others she is lost
        With her Rubik's cube she is vexed

Last week she had her friends for company
     To find her name, I eavesdropped
But all I could hear was her nickname - D.B.
     For she vanished, as the bus stopped.

Written for Poetics : 6 Billion Others.. at the dVersePoetsPub hosted by Brian Miller

Friday, 28 September 2012

Emily's Entourage

’T IS so much joy! ’T is so much joy!
A PRECIOUS, mouldering pleasure ’t is
MUCH madness is divinest sense
And sings the tune without the words

IF recollecting were forgetting,
WE never know how high we are
I wonder if when years have piled—
THE brain is wider than the sky,

All the above lines are verses from the poems of  Emily Dickinson. I recently started reading her poems as a part of my online course at Coursera on Modern Poetry and I must say I have got quite addicted to them. They seem so simple yet convey such deeper meanings. 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

First Poem

Poems, never thought I would write any
Though I had read and memorized  many 
Then on a fine afternoon in my classroom shade
In the English lecture of my twelfth grade
I was forced to write one of my own 
Fidgeting my brand new pen, up and down 
I wandered along my mind's cloud
Penning down my thoughts aloud
Taking inspiration from the Daffodils
That gathered over the vales and hills
I resonated a repetitive rhetorical refrain
Of a question that meandered my mind's lane
Framing up tiny couplets that would rhyme
Adding melodies to my mind's muted mime
I read through my first poem once it was done
Realizing that poetry is SO much fun

Written for Poetics : First Times at the dVersePoetsPub hosted by Fred Rutherford  

Friday, 31 August 2012

Pleasant Presence

O mind of mine, why do you lurk in the past ?
When you ought to live in the present 
And build magnificent dreams for the future

I do see dreams, paving way to the future 
Yet they are all prejudiced by the past
Confounding my existence in the present 

O silly mind, life happens in the present
Only in its garden bloom flowers of future 
Not in the pleasured placebos of the past 

But in the pleasant presence of the present