Friday, 19 October 2012

Paradoxical Phoenix

A phoenix
imprisoned in
the frozen cage
of decisions

A frozen cage
mounted on
a red hot iron table
of dreams

Hot iron table
placed in
the ice cold room
of desires

The ice cold room
deep within
an ignited castle
of darkness

The ignited castle
surrounded by 
snow-covered forest
of thoughts

Snow-covered forest
floating lackadaisically
in a volcanic ocean 
of regrets 

The volcanic ocean 
screaming in silence 
in the frigid planet 
of paradoxes 


  1. nice...i like the play back and forth between the hot and cold...makes it rather enchanting....

  2. Really enjoyed how the stanzas flow from one another, the contrasting images of hot and cold and your use of enjambment, Umesh. Thanks for sharing.

  3. good to see you....i like as well how each stanza leads into the next...

  4. great interchange between the stanzas. Really nice job here. Thanks

  5. So well written. Each stanza just flows into the next! Enjoyed this.

  6. this is mesmerising. you've created the world of contrasts and made it sing a powerful poetic song. gorgeous~

  7. Very well written. Hot into cold, cold into hot... positivity into negativity and so on. Liked the word play a lot.

  8. Those lines above remind me of Hot chocolet fudge...!