Friday, 16 January 2015

tenWord Thoughts

an oasis of ecstasy
in deserts of time
 her glance

Memories flow
    From rivers of remembrance
   To seas of forgetfulness

Free your words
Board an express
To free your life

Prompted by TenWord prompt at dVerse Poets Pub


  1. fine words, you really hit it spot on with these three

  2. The electrifying glance in the first ne really hit me.

  3. Board an express, I like this ~ Thanks for participating ~

  4. Love the way the form followed the idea in the first. So well written. Thank you.

  5. These are so good, Umesh. All three of them deliver a message and the second one, especially, resonates with me today as I go visit my 94 year old mother who lives in the world of her memories.

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